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Who’s in charge when you aren’t around?

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It’s a great question. In this global economy where business never sleeps…can we? Will we lose clients if we aren’t there to answer the phone and e-mail 24 hours a day?

Everyone seems to struggle with this problem whether we punch a clock or are self employed. It’s hard to draw the line on when to stop working. It seems we could work 24 hours a day and never be done. So when is enough…enough?

The most important thing you can do for yourself and your company is to clearly communicate your normal response time. After all, follow up is one of the most important steps in gaining and retaining your clients. If you are an established organization or employee then it might not be necessary to return an e-mail within seconds of receiving it. Your clients know you, and you have a great reputation. They will understand if they receive a reply on the next business day if it is not an urgent matter. The same goes for phone calls.

What if you are a new business, or someone who absolutely feels you have to immediately respond to inquiries? Luckily there are some great options. Consider setting up an automatic reply on your email letting the sender know when exactly you will respond to them and offer another means to contact you in an emergency. Utilize your temporary greeting on your voicemail to communicate this same message. If you are in a field which requires 24 hour support consider hiring a 3rd party call center you can trust to help screen and monitor calls and e-mails. Respond only to the most urgent matters during off hours.
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Whatever your policy is make sure you take the time to recharge your own batteries. If you burn out you are doing a disservice to yourself and your clients. There are countless studies that show if we are overworking ourselves we are not going to be as productive and fresh as possible and then we won’t be functioning at 100%. Both you and your clients deserve your best, so do whatever it takes to provide the highest level of service possible. As long as you follow up appropriately, you will always be in charge!

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Summer is here, time to communicate…with your navigation app

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It’s officially summer this Saturday and you’ve probably already noticed the influx of traffic if you live near any tourist destination. For most people who live in my neck of the woods, it’s time to take a back road. We avoid as many of the main streets that get clogged with visitors and start to use those alternative routes.

Most of us also do our own traveling at some point during the summer even if we already live in great places. We all want to getaway to somewhere new. So why is it that when we travel we make the same mistakes? Why do we get stuck in traffic ourselves? These days it has more to do with electronic maps and navigation software than anything else.
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If you are like me you use your “smart” phone to help guide the way. The problem with this is generally it will take you the most direct route without consideration of the bumper to bumper mess that may await you. Sure some programs will alert you of traffic, but most don’t give you a good alternative route or if they do it’s too late. Or worse yet some software isn’t up-to-date and won’t recognize the road you are on at all which can lead you to get lost and frustrated.

You can really help yourself have a great trip this year by taking a few simple steps. First, become familiar with your navigation tool, whichever one you use. Most of these tools allow you to bypass highways, or plan alternative routes with the touch of a button saving you time and frustration. Second, bring a back-up map. Yes they still make them and most of the time you can get them for free by printing something online, or using a service like AAA (if you are a member). GPS signals and electronics often fail and it is great to have the confidence of a piece of paper to fall back on. Lastly, don’t be afraid of the back roads! You’ll be surprised what you might see along the way just by taking the road less traveled. Communicate in advance with your navigation app & enjoy the journey that awaits.


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Who is your favorite salesperson?

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A funny question to ask? The word sales or salesman isn’t a term that often brings a positive feeling. After all salesman are trying to sell you things and don’t have your best interests in mind, right?

As I think about this question I’m reminded of the time I bought my first car. I drove over from one dealership to another and I was pretty furious about the treatment I’d received along the way. Finally at the last dealership I stopped at I blew up on the salesman. It turned out in hindsight he was actually new at the time but I would have never known it. He was quite calm, straightforward, and actually very funny in a stressful situation. He managed to turn the situation from a heated one into a pleasant one. I’ve since bought several cars from him and referred countless people his way.

We are all in sales in one way or another. Whether you are a teacher selling your lesson to your students or a parent selling broccoli to your child, we are all selling something. What I’ve found to be the most important attributes of a great salesperson to be are confidence, a sense of humor, and most importantly integrity. I want to know that if I have a problem or a complaint they will stand behind their product through the good and the bad. It is only those salespeople with these qualities that I would send my friends and colleagues to.
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Think about that person that has “sold” you something. It doesn’t have to be an actual salesperson. Think about the qualities of that person. If we all emulate those qualities and really believe in what we are doing and/or selling, the world will be full of the most productive and happy salespeople you’ve ever seen. Don’t be afraid of selling, we all do it in one way or another. Embrace it and become your own favorite salesperson!

Mike Urgo
Mike Urgo Consulting LLC

Speaking in terms that your clients can understand

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As I sat there listening to the diagnosis at the clinic, I was quite impressed with the knowledge the doctor had. We weren’t there for a serious medical condition or life threatening issue, but still an issue none-the-less. My 6 year old was there listening intently to each word from the doctors mouth and shook her head each time a question was asked of her. When we left we were pleased enough with the visit, however, it was obvious to me that the encounter wasn’t as perfect as it could have been.

The doctor used words like diagnosis, hypothesize, theorize, among others. No problem for my wife or I, but these were words used when talking to our 6 year old while explaining things to her. Although she shook her head in an understanding way, a conversation with her after the visit made it clear that she had many unanswered questions.little girl with pig tails

How often do professionals use terms that come off of their tongues quite comfortably, but leave their client lost and confused? Terminology differs in each profession. Whether we are in banking, construction, or rocket science there are terms that we use everyday but our colleagues or clients may not recognize them. It is crucial that we make sure that each interaction we have that we take our time and choose our words wisely. Talking “over” someone is a common mistake. Many people feel uncomfortable asking questions when they are talked “over”, and once you do this, you may never see that client again. Can you think of an instance that this has happened to you? How did it make you feel? Did you return to that place of business or refer your friends there?

Take your time and make each customer interaction a special one. Not only will that client benefit, you will be surprised how fast word of mouth travels.