Speaking in terms that your clients can understand

Speaking in terms that your clients can understand

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As I sat there listening to the diagnosis at the clinic, I was quite impressed with the knowledge the doctor had. We weren’t there for a serious medical condition or life threatening issue, but still an issue none-the-less. My 6 year old was there listening intently to each word from the doctors mouth and shook her head each time a question was asked of her. When we left we were pleased enough with the visit, however, it was obvious to me that the encounter wasn’t as perfect as it could have been.

The doctor used words like diagnosis, hypothesize, theorize, among others. No problem for my wife or I, but these were words used when talking to our 6 year old while explaining things to her. Although she shook her head in an understanding way, a conversation with her after the visit made it clear that she had many unanswered questions.little girl with pig tails

How often do professionals use terms that come off of their tongues quite comfortably, but leave their client lost and confused? Terminology differs in each profession. Whether we are in banking, construction, or rocket science there are terms that we use everyday but our colleagues or clients may not recognize them. It is crucial that we make sure that each interaction we have that we take our time and choose our words wisely. Talking “over” someone is a common mistake. Many people feel uncomfortable asking questions when they are talked “over”, and once you do this, you may never see that client again. Can you think of an instance that this has happened to you? How did it make you feel? Did you return to that place of business or refer your friends there?

Take your time and make each customer interaction a special one. Not only will that client benefit, you will be surprised how fast word of mouth travels.

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