Summer is here, time to communicate…with your navigation app

Summer is here, time to communicate…with your navigation app

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It’s officially summer this Saturday and you’ve probably already noticed the influx of traffic if you live near any tourist destination. For most people who live in my neck of the woods, it’s time to take a back road. We avoid as many of the main streets that get clogged with visitors and start to use those alternative routes.

Most of us also do our own traveling at some point during the summer even if we already live in great places. We all want to getaway to somewhere new. So why is it that when we travel we make the same mistakes? Why do we get stuck in traffic ourselves? These days it has more to do with electronic maps and navigation software than anything else.
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If you are like me you use your “smart” phone to help guide the way. The problem with this is generally it will take you the most direct route without consideration of the bumper to bumper mess that may await you. Sure some programs will alert you of traffic, but most don’t give you a good alternative route or if they do it’s too late. Or worse yet some software isn’t up-to-date and won’t recognize the road you are on at all which can lead you to get lost and frustrated.

You can really help yourself have a great trip this year by taking a few simple steps. First, become familiar with your navigation tool, whichever one you use. Most of these tools allow you to bypass highways, or plan alternative routes with the touch of a button saving you time and frustration. Second, bring a back-up map. Yes they still make them and most of the time you can get them for free by printing something online, or using a service like AAA (if you are a member). GPS signals and electronics often fail and it is great to have the confidence of a piece of paper to fall back on. Lastly, don’t be afraid of the back roads! You’ll be surprised what you might see along the way just by taking the road less traveled. Communicate in advance with your navigation app & enjoy the journey that awaits.


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