Who is your favorite salesperson?

Who is your favorite salesperson?

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A funny question to ask? The word sales or salesman isn’t a term that often brings a positive feeling. After all salesman are trying to sell you things and don’t have your best interests in mind, right?

As I think about this question I’m reminded of the time I bought my first car. I drove over from one dealership to another and I was pretty furious about the treatment I’d received along the way. Finally at the last dealership I stopped at I blew up on the salesman. It turned out in hindsight he was actually new at the time but I would have never known it. He was quite calm, straightforward, and actually very funny in a stressful situation. He managed to turn the situation from a heated one into a pleasant one. I’ve since bought several cars from him and referred countless people his way.

We are all in sales in one way or another. Whether you are a teacher selling your lesson to your students or a parent selling broccoli to your child, we are all selling something. What I’ve found to be the most important attributes of a great salesperson to be are confidence, a sense of humor, and most importantly integrity. I want to know that if I have a problem or a complaint they will stand behind their product through the good and the bad. It is only those salespeople with these qualities that I would send my friends and colleagues to.
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Think about that person that has “sold” you something. It doesn’t have to be an actual salesperson. Think about the qualities of that person. If we all emulate those qualities and really believe in what we are doing and/or selling, the world will be full of the most productive and happy salespeople you’ve ever seen. Don’t be afraid of selling, we all do it in one way or another. Embrace it and become your own favorite salesperson!

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