I have the best idea… but no one knows about it

I have the best idea… but no one knows about it

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kid with lightbulbHave you ever been involved in the creation of a really special idea? Maybe it was an invention, or something revolutionary that would change things in a big way? Or perhaps something on a smaller scale that you could just tell was going to make a difference. I’ve been involved in many of these situations over the years and it’s a very exciting feeling knowing that you have something new that is going to surprise and maybe even help people.

There’s usually a sequence of events that happens when a new product or service makes its way onto the market. There are many steps but we can summarize them into three basic ones. First you envision the idea. Then you physically create the product or service. Lastly you implement the distribution; or in other words, figure out how you can get people to use it.

Over the weekend I watched a very small example of this unfold. I volunteered on the last day of our local fair. A fantastic idea was dreamed up to manufacture and sell tee shirts and apparel to celebrate the fairs anniversary. The vision was turned into reality and a nice product was created. The problem occurred in the distribution phase. The shirts were sold in a small building that was not in highly visible and off the beaten path. If you were walking around the fair you would never have even seen the shirts and therefore never bought one. With thousands of people making there way through the fairgrounds over the weekend, an opportunity was missed to showcase this great product. Although this was a great idea and creation, the message wasn’t received by the thousands of people in attendance, and thus very few shirts were sold.

Too many times ideas and businesses aren’t successful because the entire process of vision to delivery is not entirely thought out. Maybe you have a a great idea but aren’t sure how to deliver it. Or perhaps you feel like you have a great product already, but are lacking ideas on how to create new variations that appeal to a mass market.

Whatever your challenge is, put a good plan together and think through the entire process before moving forward. There are plenty of options available and many of them free. Most states offer programs to help with marketing and business planning. Or check with your local chamber of commerce. You can also ask questions of experts or people you trust and feel have been successful in similar businesses before you move forward with your own product or service. You would be surprised how many people are willing to share their knowledge to help a fellow entrepreneur.

Proper business planning will assure that you will not only come up with well thought out ideas, but that your audience will know about them. In the end, if you have a great idea that is highly visible, everyone wins!

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