Go to THIS coffee shop for the best service

Go to THIS coffee shop for the best service

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I don’t go to coffee shops all that often, but once in a while the kids will want to get a donut and we’ll stop. The other day my 7 year old daughter convinced me it would be a good idea while we were running errands. As we approached the shop I was about to take a left and pull in and she said “no dad, not this one, go to the one down the road.” Since I always do whatever my kids tell me, I kept on driving :). As we drove along I asked her, why didn’t you want to go to that one. She said, ” they take forever there and they always mess up the order”. We proceeded to the shop down the road and sure enough she was right. The shop just a couple of miles down the road and still on our route did have quick and efficient service with a smile!
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A few weeks later we were in Hartford and again found ourselves needing to grab a quick snack. We pulled through the drive through and placed a pretty large offer with 3 drinks and some breakfast sandwiches. As we pulled up to pay, we were greeted with a smile and asked to pull forward into the parking lot and they would bring our order out to us in a minute or two. I was happy to do so. We can all relate to waiting in that drive thru line wondering why that person in front of us didn’t go inside if they had such a large order. Well this place has the solution, and such a simple one, just ask that person nicely to pull forward so business can continue behind them while our order is prepared.

Why are some franchises run better than others? Many times it’s competent employees, other times it’s good processes, and still others it’s great management. There are a lot of reasons why things can go well in your business but one common thing is having people that truly care about the work they are doing and have pride in the product they are putting out. These are the people we want to do business with. Those that have a smile on their face and are eager to make sure we have a good experience.

We always stop at the Dunkin Donuts, Bess Eaton, Starbucks or Honey Dew that is closest if we aren’t given many choices because convenience generally remains the number one determinant of our actions. If we do have choices though, we usually exercise them and go where our preferences are. My good experiences this time happened to be at Dunkin Donuts in North Stonington CT and on Washington Street in Hartford CT. If I am in the neighborhood again and need some refreshment, that is where I will stop because I received top notch service there. Think about where you received the best service. Do you tell your friends about it? Do you frequent it often? Chances are yes on both counts and word of mouth is the best advertising you can ask for and it costs nothing!

It doesn’t take a lot to provide the highest level of customer service. Just pay attention to detail, treat each customer as if they are important, and smile! Do this consistently and you’ll be the place everyone is talking about with the best service around.

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