Talk about your syrup so people know what they are missing!

Talk about your syrup so people know what they are missing!

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Some might say I’m frugal. Ok this might be an understatement, but I do spend money when I think it matters. So when I went shopping with the family on vacation, I would have thought everyone would be ecstatic to see me looking to purchase the syrup that cost $6.00 a bottle rather than the cheap stuff. When I grocery shop I try to take the time to look at the ingredients in each item to be sure that we are buying the healthiest option. Lately there is so much stuff in food that isn’t…food. So as I looked at the different options for syrup. The only one I could find that had only the ingredients that should be in a bottle of syrup was a $6.00 bottle, so I bought it.
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A couple of days later pancakes were made and my fresh, fantastic, tasty syrup was about to make it’s debut. I couldn’t wait for the kids to see that dad knows his stuff when it comes to condiments and isn’t afraid to step up and spend a few extra bucks to give them the best! Unfortunately, my kids did not share my enthusiasm. They didn’t see the benefit of the healthier option (not that syrup is healthy I suppose). Why on earth did they prefer the syrup that featured ingredients like sodium hexametaphosphate & cellulose gum? What makes kids or adults for that matter, prefer a product that is lesser to one that is clearly superior?

The answer is at least partially marketing. Successful marketing can be so convincing that even your taste buds are fooled. If you are told that something is good consistently and frequently either by advertisements or by word-of-mouth, you will start to believe that indeed it is good, even if it is not.

So how can we use this method to help us succeed in making our “syrup” the best? One easy way is to simply talk about what we do. Talk about it at every opportunity you can. I’m not saying you should be bragging about your success non-stop. That would make people start to avoid you eventually. I am saying you should take each encounter you have with someone you know, or someone you don’t, as an opportunity to sell yourself. You never know if that person might need your product or service now or down the road. If you have a chance to let each person know what line of business you are in, and what kind of syrup you are selling, there’s a greater chance that your encounter will lead to a referral or even a sale in the future.

Of course, we all wish we had the deep pockets that General Mills or Dole has to spend on advertising but unfortunately we do not. Consistently networking and talking positively about your own business though can reap the same kinds of rewards on a smaller scale. If people know what you do, they can make an educated decision to choose you instead of your competitors. Market yourself and everyone will want whatever syrup you are selling!

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