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Once upon a time…it’s the story that matters- tell yours!

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Often times companies get wrapped up in the details. Many meetings with opinions and strategic plans take place to determine how to best sell the product to the consumer. What are the benefits vs. the features? How do we let the world know about what we are doing? Who is it we are trying to reach?

All of these are good questions. What I have found is the best way to tell your story to your end user is to do exactly that…. tell them your story! Think about what it is that brought you to where you are. So often we forget to include the audience on why we have decided on a course of action, or a product offering, or whatever it might be. As human beings we love to hear a good story. We like to have the who, what, where, when, & why answered for us. It’s intriguing to us and if a story is told well and enthusiastically we will almost always listen.

Think about what you are trying to accomplish right now. It could be in business or in your personal life. If you are depending on others to make it happen, consider backing up and telling your story!

At the consulting firm we just finished work on telling a story for Griswold High School. I’ve included the link on this blog. We hope you enjoy it and perhaps it will inspire you to tell your story whatever it might be!