Should I allow my employee to work from home?

Should I allow my employee to work from home?

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Many companies are faced with this question as time goes on. Some allow it and some frown upon it. Of course much of the answer depends upon the tasks associated with the job, the truth is many positions can be performed from anywhere with only the need for a strong and secure internet connection.

If you are part of a company that has employees that could work from home but don’t, there are probably reasons you have been reluctant to allow this to happen. Here are some of the more common ones along with some reasons you may want to consider changing your corporate philosophy..

  • How will I know they are working?
    A good question but ask yourself this, how do you know they are working now? Are they achieving their goals? Is the person reliable and trustworthy when in the office? Do they deliver results when they are asked for? If the answer to these questions are yes than you have yourself a good employee that will very likely be just as motivated whether in the office, on the road, or at their home.
  • How can I keep track of them if they aren’t here in the office?
    The better question might be; Do I need to keep track of them when they aren’t in the office? At the end of the day, does it really matter if they ran to Starbucks to grab a coffee, or even if they took a break and went to the gym? If you are able to answer the first question positively and you know they are a trustworthy hardworking employee you can allow them the flexibility to build their workday in a way that works for both you and your company.
  • What if they end up working less than 40 hours?
    Good for them! In this day and age work-life balance is more important than ever. In a society where employees are more likely to have 12-15 or more different careers in their lifetime, you want to be the employer that does what they can to keep your best help happy. If that means that they can do the job you’ve assigned to them in less than 40 hours by working at home, that is a win-win situation. It’s possible they are more efficient working remotely which might enable you to assign them more responsibility. The truth is if you allow your employees flexibility you will be likely to retain them for a long time and as you know, it costs a lot to keep replacing good help.

Don’t wait for your employee to ask to work from home or remotely. Many employees may feel uncomfortable making that ask and all too often you are losing a great contributor because you did not do enough to retain that employee. Be assertive and if you feel you are able to offer more flexibility, as Nike says, JUST DO IT!

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