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Who should I vote for to be President? (or any other leadership position)

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dedicated especially to my fellow unaffiliated and independent citizens…

lincoln-love-picAn incredibly controversial and difficult question to ask but one we all have a responsibility as citizens of this great country to weigh in on. There are a lot of topics that come up when a candidate is running for office, but much of the talk is not about issues or facts, it is mostly noise. In choosing a candidate, I look at the same process I would look at to choose any leader in an organization…

Is this person a good collaborator? This should be easily evidenced by their past experience whether in the public or private sector. Do they tend to bring people together for the greater good, or do they have a tendency to divide groups? Have they shown evidence of working with others that may have been on the other side of issues in the past? Do they push forward their own agenda regardless of incoming information, or are they receptive to new thoughts and ideas?

Does this person display humility? What makes this a good quality of a leader? I personally have yet to meet someone who is perfect. We will all make mistakes inevitably. The absolute best leaders I have worked with are the ones who are not afraid to admit they’ve traveled down the wrong path and are willing to accept help and feedback to make things right. I have also seen humble leaders surround themselves with people of opposing values and opinions because they are more interested in listening to all sides of issues and ultimately draw strength from those differences.

Are they generous with their time and talents? In society today, politicians are at times looked down upon. Some have shown to deserve this treatment, but many absolutely do not. A politician is called a public servant for reason. Many are paid little to nothing to help try and make their communities better places. They spend countless hours in meetings and events trying to move things forward in the direction they think will be for the betterment of the many. Look at the candidates you are considering and see if you are able to see evidence of good works.

What is the cost/benefit analysis on the decisions the candidate will be making? In other words, many issues are brought up, but how do they actually affect you and society. Will they be making decisions that will actually change things for the better or worse? Will they be leaving something the same that positively or negatively affects things? Remember sometimes doing nothing can actually be the better choice when weighing all options.

Most importantly, will this person promote peace and good will or war and malice? In this country we have been incredibly fortunate not to have had a war or battle take place on US soil since the Civil War. We have had 9/11 and Pearl Harbor and many of us can remember the shock, disbelief, and fear associated with those events. Think back, if you can, to those times and how that felt. Peace is incredibly undervalued by many in our country. If you can find a candidate that can promote peace than you should not take this quality lightly.

Too often there is an incredible amount of false information surrounding elections, especially on social media. If you are able to, take the same approach you would when you would hire someone to work for or with you. Look at their resume, check their references. Who can vouch for them? Go to proven independent sources to verify the information you are looking for. Make sure they truly stand for what you think they stand for.

Does the list above include every possible question or quality of importance? Absolutely not, but in my opinion it represents a good representation of the “big picture” thinking we need to determine the qualities of a strong leader.

In closing, at my son’s school each day a vote was being taken over many weeks time to see how the class was polling on the Presidential election. Each time the results were the same, 2 votes for one candidate, 3 votes for the other candidate, and 8 people did not vote…. Do not be the person who ends up deciding an election by staying home. Your voice counts and is vitally important. Use it to do what’s good and right for the all of the world around you.

Mike Urgo CEO
Mike Urgo Consulting